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The Final Time
I hear your voice speak unto me
Whilst I lie among the broken.
For I’m the wretch to your sanctuary
Who fears the words you haven’t spoken.
I’ve died a million deaths
Been reborn a million ways.
I’ve breathed a million breaths
And sheltered a million strays.
Throughout my intransient misery
I fray and shudder in your absence,
To such a degree of shivery
I loathe the looming silence.
I’ve shed a million tears
Over a million faces.
I’ve traveled a million years
Throughout a million places.
I try to peer through fog of doubt
Whether it builds to walls of pain.
Like a priesthood, so devout
I doth not harbor such disdain.
I’ve told a million jokes
Which brought a million guffaws.
All dressed in a million cloaks
I received a million applause.
All these manners of the heart
Why must they be ever fleeting?
At one moment, they jumpstart
Then soon after, stops the beating.
I’ve seen a million lights
Shone by a million stars.
I’ve languished a
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 9 2
Saccharine Scar
I shan’t forget when we first met
Your winsome aura left me awed.
Yet still I cannot help but fret
How can you love a man so flawed?
We shan’t fall victim to time’s intent
A saccharine scar now marks my heart;
To which you left with such lament
Lest our lives should drift apart.
I shan’t return to my stoic shell
I’ll wear this scar devoid of shame.
Upon my crimson core, you dwell
I hope I’ve scarred you just the same.
You feel so immanent, yet are so far
I’ll always have this saccharine scar.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 7 2
Wild Love
This love isn’t merely an emotion
It’s a strong and relentless force.
Like the ebb and tide of the ocean
Love’s crashing waves show no remorse.
Just as a wounded wolf would thrash
It punctures me with sharpened jaws.
Then I concede to its stinging lash
Until love bleeds out all my flaws.
With a cyclone of fierce fragility
Love wreaks havoc inside my head.
Shaking the core of my stability
Until my strength has all but fled.
This love she bestows grows wild in me
Yet I haven’t the urge to set it free.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 8 0
The Yearning
How does one describe such yearning?
Always consuming my every thought.
I feel her in my stomach, churning
Gradually turning me distraught.
I’m beset by unrelenting emptiness
Which only her love can fill
How can she bring me such happiness
When her presence eludes me still?
Her allure has rendered me tethered
Which no force could possibly break.
Yet I let my heart become weathered
She’s the one I’ll never forsake.
Like a flame that’s constantly burning
How does one survive such yearning?
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 6 1
When She Sleeps
When she sleeps, I lie awake
Daydreaming of her dreaming.
Until we reach the glowing daybreak
When her lucent skin starts gleaming.
Her heaving chest is tantalizing
Slowly rising with each breath.
Her dormant form is symbolizing
Like a dove upon its death.
Her obsequiousness captivates
Like a spell, she skillfully casts.
Her quiescent heat radiates
All throughout the cold, it lasts.
I dare not miss such a beautiful sight
Gazing upon my queen of the night.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 5 1
Her Stare
A flutter awakens deep down inside
When she stares at me so longingly.
Such a vision cannot be denied
She’s enraptured me so hauntingly.
When her limpid pools of sapphire shine
Time freezes, while my heart ignites.
Swiftly sending shivers up my spine
Her stare has taken me to new heights.
When she’s overwhelmed with lust
Her stare evokes such torrid passion.
I yearn for her, as we combust
In a most euphoric fashion.
She’s pierced me and left me bare
All with the beauty of her stare.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 6 0
You Inhabit Me
You picked the lock to my caged heart
Then shined a light on my dreary brain.
You made me shudder right from the start
Then gently healed away my pain.
You helped me see when I was benighted
Then gave me peace in times of wrath.
You soothed my soul when it was blighted
Then showed me a most beautiful path.
You uplifted me when I was sinking
Then brought me to such introspection.
You made me grow when I was shrinking
Then slayed my demons with your affection.
You inhabit me in such a way
I want you to forever stay.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 5 2
Colors Bleed
As I gaze into the mirror
A vibrant visage screams to be freed.
I start to see myself much clearer
As I watch my colors bleed.
Now the world looks so abstract
Surrounding me, the absence lay.
All quite contrived, to be exact
Why did the colors fade away?
My footprints stamp the ground in teal
Before they wither into dust.
A monochromatic bestial
Is tarnishing my skin with rust.
My crimson hands have lost their touch
My amber hues have been diluted.
My emerald eyes don’t see that much
I feel my spectrum is polluted.
Then I spot a lavender trail
Like a beacon amidst the void.
It shows me life can still prevail
And not all colors are destroyed.
With my colors all but dead
I found what I’d been searching for.
With much avail, the trail had led
Me to a girl of colors yore.
Her eyes dripped shades of indigo
That swirled with skin of harvest gold.
She exhaled with a pinkish glow
Yet her demeanor felt so cold.
With silver hair, and vacant stare
She poured out in a wistful plea.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 49 17
Let's Go Walking
Let’s go walking in the park.
Let’s go walking hand in hand.
As the nightfall brings the dark
We shall trudge across this land.
Let’s go walking through the mist.
Let’s go walking by the shore.
Where there’s nothing to be missed
Oh what wonders we’ll implore.
Let’s go walking with our smiles.
Let’s go walking with our frowns.
Our feet can carry us for miles
Through the old forgotten towns.
Let’s go walking in the sun.
Let’s go walking in the rain.
You and I will have such fun
As we traipse across the plain  
Let’s go walking up the hill.
Let’s go walking down the street.
To a place that spreads goodwill
From all the people that we meet.
Alongside you, my voice is halted
Yet much can be said without talking.
I can’t help but feel exalted
So at this moment, let’s go walking.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 8 5
The Lake and Eliza
Lest I rest through autumn's crest
For many moons of discontent;
To thine soul mate, I professed
This cabin echoes my lament.
I wonder where thou hast gone
My once sanguine spirit of yore;
And why thy visage is withdrawn
From tranquil waves upon the shore.
I keep hearing whispers from the lake
Day by day, the voice draws nearer.
I find myself begin to shake
As the message becomes clearer.
“You have to…”
“I have to what?!”
“Please tell me!”
The spectral voice then faded away
I swear I’ve heard that voice before.
Before my mind begins to fray
I long to hear that voice once more.
I took the boat out passed the birch tree
Then sat there, floating for hours.
Yet could not resonate her voice with thee
Then sullen skies brought forth showers.
On those placid days that followed
I dreamt a dream of darken waves;
That engulfed me, yet left me hollowed
Deep beneath their watery graves.
Tis mid November, I still remember
I shall not leave this bed of
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 14 5
Street Walker
The night looms listlessly over streets of gray
While shopkeepers lock up and retire.
Yet one girl is left to wander astray
With a lecherous service that men desire.
Leaning, leaning, always leaning
Against brick walls and street lights gleaming.
Amidst pale moon and shining stars
She reluctantly enters pitch black cars.
She tries to warm up her frigid bones
After nights of sleeping in bathroom stalls.
Then takes on a customer’s incessant moans
Being smacked to the floor, once more she crawls.
Searching, searching, always searching
For a desperate soul that’s lurching
Towards her in a lonely fashion
With gentle eyes that show compassion.
Midnight arrives, and the city blinks twice
To adjust its eyes, and show its true face.
She waits at the bus stop, ready to entice
But none wish to pay for her sinful embrace.
Fearing, fearing, always fearing
That her spirit’s disappearing
Nobody really see’s her there
Nobody has a heart to spare.
No money to feed her draining s
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 27 12
Shadow Kiss
Red lipstick stains her windowpane
She’s unbeknownst to lovers' eyes.
Although her soul may ache with pain
One wonders why she never cries.
Her lips they trace a victims face
She’s torn her heart out like a weed.
Although her body rips like lace
One wonders why she doesn’t bleed.
Nightfall beckons her weary mind
She plays in shadows amongst the creeps.
Although the truth she cannot find
One wonders why she never sleeps.
She breathes in a flutter of nervous lust
While her amber skin presses onto him.
To whom the one she can entrust?
Then sadness breaks her body’s whim.
Something is stirring deep down inside
An impression left by the one she fears.
No longer empowered by selfish pride
Confound to why she sheds these tears.
The tears, they dry upon her cheeks
This unknown feeling fatigues her so.
Along with fuchsia blush, it streaks
Apart from which no one can know.
She shakes off despair with a whip of her hair
Then in her chest, there awakens a beat.
This heavy p
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 29 11
Graveyard Lovers
On our honeymoon day we drove
Down the mountain pass and cove.
With starry eyes, our love we swore
To be together for evermore.
Tell me ,dear, have we arrived yet?
For we haven't a moment to lose.
We'll be there soon my sweet Rosette
I'll tell you love, you're my only muse.
Tell me ,dear, who sets your heart ablaze
With an ever so softly placed kiss?
I'm awestruck by your burning gaze
I'll tell you love, you're my eternal bliss
Tell me ,dear, why your hair remains still
Amongst this harshest of wind that blows?
Your charming smile evokes such thrill
I'll tell you love, you're my exquisite rose.
Tell me ,dear, why your dress is torn?
It laid so beautifully against your skin.
Unlike this dress, my heart hasn't worn.
I'll tell you love, to cherish me within.
Tell me ,dear, what is this place?
It looks quite desolate and gray.
My eyes see nothing but your grace
I'll tell you love, we shall not fray.
Tell me ,dear, why it's grown so silent?
I cannot hear the faintest sound.
Your lilting voi
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 102 8
Candlelight Eyes
I could compare your eyes to thee
A candlelight that shines on me.
With a warm and hypnotic glow
To purge the darkness from below.
They've taken me so willingly.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 1 1
Die With Me
Die with me in the morning haze
To make our beating hearts unite.
Die with me on the darkest days
As we bask in each other's light.
Die with me when the stars align
And all the world begins to cry.
Die with me as our souls entwine
When angels tears fall from the sky.
Die with me as time ticks away
Those resplendent twilight hours.
Die with me as the pine trees sway
In the fields of golden flowers.
Die with me as I hold you tight
So we may share our last goodnight.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 18 3
Turn On The Dark
When fragile hopes and fears collide
It waits for you on the other side
I can feel the tremors in my soul
I've grown afraid of the masquerade.
Barely holding on, I'm losing control
Wide awake, I confide in the shade.
Sinking so slowly down the drain
Much like the purple pill I swallow.
A voice unheard is a voice in vain
Black rain falls and teardrops follow.
Shadows loom throughout the room
They cover my eyes like a veil.
Just flip the switch, it'll be over soon
Just pull the curtain over the pale.
The transition rattles my psyche at first
Yet it's a feeling I've always invited.
For when my body becomes submersed
I discover my world's benighted.
I wonder how much time has past
Fading deeper into the stark domain.
A place like this, shows no contrast
But it's a place I must ascertain.
I call this smoke-filled cell a prison
That harbors questions of fruition.
But like a zombie, I have risen
To greet the face of my mortician.
I'm taken with its abysmal skies
Now I reap the chilling silenc
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 45 9



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