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October 19, 2012
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On our honeymoon day we drove
Down the mountain pass and cove.
With starry eyes, are love we swore
To be together for evermore.

Tell me dear, have we arrived yet?
For we haven't a moment to lose.
We'll be there soon my sweet rosette
I'll tell you love, you're my only muse.

Tell me dear, who sets your heart ablaze
With an ever so softly placed kiss?
I'm awestruck by your burning gaze
I'll tell you love, you're my eternal bliss

Tell me dear, why your hair remains still
Amongst this harshest of wind that blows?
Your charming smile evokes such thrill
I'll tell you love, you're my exquisite rose.

Tell me dear, why your dress is torn?
It laid so beautifully against your skin.
Unlike this dress, my heart hasn't worn.
I'll tell you love, to cherish me within.

Tell me dear, what is this place?
It looks quite desolate and gray.
My eyes see nothing but your grace
I'll tell you love, we shall not fray.

Tell me dear, why it's grown so silent?
I cannot hear the faintest sound.
Your lilting voice makes me content
I'll tell you love, please keep me around.

Tell me dear, why you feel so cold
As dusk fades and night grows nearer?
Just hold me tight till we grow old
I'll tell you love, there's nothing to fear.

Tell me dear, why I feel so astray?
This sensation I don't understand.
Perhaps my light can guide your way
I'll tell you love, just take my hand.

On their honeymoon day they drove
Down the mountain pass and cove.
Together they still lay side by side
With no recollection of the day they died.
Their undying love for eachother prevented
them from crossing over.
Photo via Flicker: [link]
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i love it!!!!!!!!!
brainypoo Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautifully saddening. :)
This is really gorgeous. So dark, beautiful and sad. Amazing work.
mauplay Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Es hermoso!!!! me ha encantado!!!!

It's beautiful!! I loved it!!
Van-Dunkelschreiber Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
how creepy in a sweet kind of way
wounderfoul <3
Nicely written
I like your Imagery and Word Choices!
"Calico Ghost Town Graveyard

A composite of 3 layers. The cloudy sky, the graveyard, and the full moon with VP and NIK filters used to make it look like night time.

Please don't use this image without my explicit written permission. All rights reserved"

Quoted from the artist's page. Did you ask for his permission before using this image?
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